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Peace Support

Our Mission

The Stabilisation Platform supports the German Federal Foreign Office's engagement in crisis and conflict regions around the world.

It provides relevant expertise for the planning, management and implementation of civil crisis prevention, stabilisation and peacebuilding interventions.

The Stabilisation Platform enhances the operational capabilities of the Federal Foreign Office, with a view to delivering on its core tasks: preventing crises, resolving conflicts and building peace.

Our Task

The Federal Foreign Office has commissioned the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH to operate the Stabilisation Platform. It consists of specialists with relevant expertise for the operationalisation of Federal Foreign Office policies to promote peace.

The Federal Foreign Office is committed to making effective use of its diplomatic capabilities and the budgetary resources made available by the German Bundestag to deliver interventions that promote its peace and security policy. The goal is to act earlier, more decisively and more substantively in crisis and conflict situations.

The Federal Foreign Office has pooled the competencies for delivering on this goal in its Directorate-General S (Crisis Prevention, Stabilisation, Peacebuilding and Humanitarian Assistance).

Intervening in crisis and conflict contexts requires a combination of strong leadership and the ability to take swift, flexible and decisive action. The Stabilisation Platform supports the Federal Foreign Office in delivering on this task.

Our Work

Monitor, analyse, assess

The Stabilisation Platform provides the Federal Foreign Office with specialised monitoring and analysis systems in order to align its interventions even more closely with political processes and to better identify and assess project-specific risks.

Plan, control, coordinate

Stabilisation projects are often complex and can rarely be planned for the long term. The Stabilisation Platform therefore provides tried and tested instruments for agile planning and flexible management.

Achieving peace through mediation and promoting dialogue

The Stabilisation Platform helps strengthen the analytical and operational capacities of the Federal Foreign Office so that it can support mediation and dialogue efforts in international peace processes and United Nations peacebuilding measures.

“Good Offices” for peace and stability

International peace processes require rapprochement and dialogue among the conflict parties. To this end, the Stabilisation Platform provides innovative and tailor-made negotiation, dialogue and learning formats.